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Let's rock the road... is a Danish company. The shop is run by former editor Lilli Henriksen, eq-media

Make your car more... you! That’s our slogan and the whole idea is to make you able to make your car more personal.

The shopidea came some years ago when my oldest daughter, Louise, bought a used car and decorated it with polka dots, she had cut herself. "How funny," I said. "But now you’ll nerver be able to sell it again!” Two weeks later she sold the dotted car in onkly four hours. With profits. "Cute, little dotted car"...

At that time I was editorial director of the largest Danish family magazine, Family Journal. Before that I had the same position in the weekly magazine Sunday. And I had as managing editor created a new erotic magazine for women, Tidens Kvinder (Women of the Time). In other words, I immediately thought: This is fun: Could cars be a new media? The last months has left the whole family with dots on their minds as the drawing from my youngest, Laura, shows.

Now the shop is (almost) here, so here you are. Lots of options to be creative on your car's behalf... And with all items as wallstickers as well for Your home.

If you have questions, please feel free to send us an email or call ud. You can email – we’ll strive to provide you with answers quickly. You can also call me on +45 51 95 96 80

Welcome - let's rock the road...

BS Lilli Henriksen, dotdirector

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